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Unfiltered Unfettered

Aug 12, 2018

Yeah that's right, the Space Force is a thing now. But don't try to butt in line to sign up. Hupp has first dibs. Also don't look now but the flag protests in the NFL have been reignited... by President Trump.

But really, join the Space Force.  As one observant Trump supporter opined, "It'll be a big waste of money...

Aug 4, 2018

Hey guess what?  A professional wrassler ran for Mayor of Knox County  in Tennessee, the home of UF/UF The Podcast, and won easily.  Hey guess what, he still wrassels and goes by the name KANE! And guess what else, he can kick your mayor's ass.

We have more election results and a few insights on the latest round of...

Jul 29, 2018

Tony goes solo and dishes on Roseanne, Sasha, and Cohen.

Oh, with a dig towards all the "Snowflakes."

If you need a peacock to take a trip, you got bigger problems.

Cmon, people, get it...

Jul 22, 2018


Ok. It wasn’t the best press  conference in the world. But Treason?!!

Stop the hyperbole. Goodness. Yea, what did you do 6 months ago?!. ok. change the conversation.

Theybies?? you don’t even know what that is until you listen to our podcast.

Relax and be...

Jul 14, 2018

Love him, hate him, embarrassed by him, whatever your feeling toward our president is, we must close ranks behind him when he travels to foreign countries.  Our good friends in the UK, (remember we kicked their ass in 1776) felt the need to insult our President.  What's worse, the mayor of London condoned it, even...