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Unfiltered Unfettered

Nov 23, 2017

It's gettin messy out there gang. There appears to be plenty of guilt to spread around. Who loses their job first, Al Franken, Roy Moore...? Hard to say. But the President has embraced Moore so he has that goin for him.

Oh yeah and LaVar Ball and Pres Trump are going at it over twitter and through CNN. And it's as...

Nov 19, 2017

UF/UF 180: Franken-stine

Moore-Franken 2020! No? Well, at least it appears they have something in common. Creepy-ness.

No one is getting the Big Story when it comes to Donna Brazile's  book and revelation. We do.

Oh, and you can't miss our discussion of Miss Bumbum. C'mon, just that is worth the listen.

Listen here or...

Nov 5, 2017

UF/UF179 Oh Donna!

Ok, just for clarity, we don't really like Donna Brazile, but now we fear for her safety.

And according to some excerpts from her book, so does she.  Donna, when you throw dirt on the Clintons, girl, better strap up.

Hey, heads up Houston Texans, don't be hot house flowers. Man up, fellas.

From the...