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Unfiltered Unfettered

Mar 29, 2019

How low can you go?  Well former Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti is about to find out. The lawyer, who once took on the President, went after Nike to the tune of 20 million American dollars, found himself in jail for extortion. Then he lost his most famous client.

Can you even call yourself a lawyer if a woman...

Mar 23, 2019

he Prez is going full frontage. In other words he's not fighting personal battels on two fronts, he's fighting them on every front in our dimension, ands may in some other dimensions.

We'll recap these three pivotal battles Trump is actively engaged in as we speak:

Trump v McCain  - Beating dead guys is never...

Mar 17, 2019

UFUF 239 How many can there be?

A substitute host sits in for the Pope this week as we discuss the latest dem to declare.

Beto has declared. Hate to tell you but you couldn't even beat Ted Cruz for Senate.

How many candidates are possible? I can't even  pronounce some of the names when I'm looking at them. Well,...

Mar 9, 2019

UF/UF 238: Investigate All the Things!

Stormy got tossed, and not in a good way. Paul Manafort got what amounts to a timeout from the federal court. So the Dems decide it’s time to cast a net over Trump; a wide net.

Congressman Jerry Nadler D (NY) said on national television that the Ds would cast a net over...

Mar 3, 2019

He's back folks. Yep our less than favorite old man senator form Vermont is back and he's running for President.  It's so bad for the Democrats right now, late night comedians aren't even making fun of him.

But rest assured, we will. Listen to our take on Bernie Sanders and see for yourself.  Also vote in the UF/UF...