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Unfiltered Unfettered

Jul 26, 2020

Alice Cooper was onto something when they penned that student favorite in 1972. Little did he know...

That's the current political football right now. To school or not to school, to go to school in reality or in a real building. Much like the NCAA, this issue is has never been about the kids themselves.

We will break...

Jul 19, 2020

Cancel to the left of me, cancel to the right. Here I am stuck in the middle with you... Or something like that.

Yeah man lets cancel everything and everybody. That way we can be sure we stamped out everything of which we disapprove.

Well you can cancel my ass to, cause I've had about enough of all of you.

Click the...

Jul 12, 2020

Nothing gets me going, or gets the discussion going, more than the wishy washy among us. You kjnow the type.

The same people who pick and choose their Christianity and when to apply it are just as bad as this new group; the Conveniently Woke.

This is a group of people who feign social media outrage over one issue, but...

Jul 3, 2020

I used to think Anti-Vaxxers were kind of ridiculous. But compared to Ant-Maskers? Hell, Anti-Vaxxers are practically mainstream.

An.ti - (an ti mas ker) n. 2020 origin American Continent 1. Angry or discontented American, devoid of care for their fellow country men or any human for that matter to the point of...